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Verification of Competency

Verification of Competency (VOC) Assessments are now commonly used for pre-employment checks, contractual arrangements and for employers.  VOCs greatly assist an employer or contractor to meet OHS requirements to ensure that staff are competent to operate specific equipment.



  • A qualified assessor comes to your site and conducts the assessment (both knowledge and practical) individually with each candidate

  • Each candidate must provide their relevant Licence or Statement of Attainment before the VOC will be conducted

  • The individual or employer will receive an assessment summary (non accredited) that can then be produced as evidence of currency

  • Duration of assessment will depend on the type of VOC being conducted. More information will be provided on enquiry

  • Cost of VOC will depend on type of VOC being conducted and number of candidates.  More information will be provided on enquiry.

What if the VOC result is not competent?​


  • We would advise of what gap training we could provide or that the candidate would need to undertake before any further VOC assessment would be conducted

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